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Positions Held


- Member of the jury of the CUPE 2626 at the University of Ottawa (2007)
- Advisor to the IAESTE Iran (2003-present)
- IT Manager, Construction Materials Institute, University of Tehran (2004-2005)

Supervisory experience


- Supervising student research groups to perform various projects at the Construction Materials Institute. (2004-2005).

Organizing conferences or meetings


- Working as the administrator for IAESTE Iran (2002-2005) organizing the participation of the delegation in the annual international IAESTE conferences held in Thailand, Austria and Colombia.

- Volunteering in the administration team of the 12th International Congress on Cement Chemistry (2007), Montreal, Canada.

Volunteer Work


-    Engineer in Residence, Vincent Massey Public School, Ottawa (2006-present) I help the science teacher at this school to demonstrate and present experiments and engineering concepts to the students of grade 7 and 8.

-    After co-founding IAESTE in Iran in 2002, I contributed to the development of its activities in Iran for the exchange of students for technical experience abroad, being active in introducing and organizing new ideas for the benefit of students. Currently, IAESTE Iran has more than 15 local committees and exchanges more than 100 students annually with about 30 countries.

-   Engineering Challenge - Volunteering in this event, I advise elementary school student teams in order to attend the competition where they have to invent and make an instrument to overcome a problem. (2007-present)



- Sport: Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Biking
- Art: Graphics, Caricature, Photography, Web Designing

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